Here’s my alchemy story…

I’m a minivan driving mom from the suburbs who just wanted more out of life. I was feeling shitty about silencing that inner knowing that I was made for more- much more, and being 60 lbs overweight and stressed out as heck at work wasn’t going to get me there.


is what the not so little voice in my head said when I heard the words “When I lose the baby weight” tumble out of my mouth… two years after my son was born. TWO years… sister, it wasn’t baby weight.

There is magic in transformation.

The voice knew, I knew, it was a lie I’d been telling myself for far too long. The weight I’d gained, confidence I’d lost, the emotional rollercoaster I was on was from watching too much trashy TV to numb myself, letting work stress impact my family, choosing the couch over moving my body - all of it was bullshit standing in my way and I was letting it. I was LETTING it run my life.

The toughest part was knowing that when I changed what I ate, needed to start working out and working on me - it’d take time from my family. It would definitely inconvenience them and I didn’t know HOW to make it work - I just knew it had to.

I had tried time and time and time (and time…) again to “get healthy” with my goal being a number on the scale. I’d gotten the fancy gym membership and shown up 4 times. I’d done my darnedest to not at all disturb the life of my family.

My journey was imperfect. Old habits would creep back in out of nowhere, I’d want to say fuck it and take the “easy” way out. I would doubt I could ever lose the weight or find the elusive work / life balance. Some days it felt like it was taking forever. But I showed up anyhow, perfectly imperfect.

You see, I got to the point where I’d tell NO ONE about my dream of getting healthy. Why? Because I’d failed myself so incredibly many times before that doing it publicly again was too much pain. Have you been there? I know you have. We all have. This is why you need a coach, and I’m here for you. Because you can - and I believe in you LONG before you do. I show you that you can and SHOULD do this imperfectly, in your own beautiful way.

My thoughtless habits and inefficiencies with my time were slowly killing me and my confidence. These habits were slowly, day by day, taking me away from my goals - without me even realizing. I woke up one day 60lbs heavier living with an internal voice that was making scathing remarks about my looks, my self-worth, my life. I woke up to a life filled with work stress that seeped in to the rest of my life.

I refuse to let women dull their shine, forget who they’re meant to really be and settle for less. I refuse to let working moms forget they’re badass. I refuse to let any woman go this journey called life alone.

The Nitty Gritty About Me

B.A. in Community Sociology

M.S. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

3+ years coaching women in person and virtual spaces

Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon, Aries Rising

Enneagram 3

Human Design Generator 5/1

Completely imperfect, messing up daily, showing up anyhow

Certified Crystal Healer through the School of Love and Light

Health Coach Certified - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Life long learner, book and podcast junkie (check out my list here)

Myers-Briggs ESFJ

StrengthQuest: Woo, Maximizer, Futuristic, Strategic, Empathy


✨The Mission of Craft Your Life Coaching✨

Building more resilient working moms through all-in partnerships at home, smart time management and learning to drop the ball in a way that feels good

The impact of working moms who are healthy, happy and empowered will create a ripple effect that's so massive, it WILL change the world. It starts with the working mom saying no to the hustle, grind and constantly putting herself last. It starts with her saying "yes, my health and happiness need to come first."

We cannot pour from empty cups. Only by overflowing our cups on to others can we sustainably change the world.


Some fun facts about me…

  • I’m a preemie mom. My son, Zeke, was born 10 weeks early on 11/12/13. At least he has a cool birthday to show for the stress he gave us when he showed up so early!

  • I have many, many, many tattoos. More than the average 36 year old suburban mini-van driving mom does. From the Star tarot card to flowers for my family, my dad’s handwriting to an abstract mountain and more. Side fun fact: My husband has zero tattoos.

  • I have a B.A. in Sociology, a M.S. in Educational Leadership, I am a Certified Crystal Healer and am getting my Health Coach Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Life long learner, that’s my style.

  • I am left handed, green-eyed and have natural red hair. Oh, and I’m adopted. Fairly sure those make me a statistical freak!

  • If I had all the money in the world I’d spend it on monthly subscription boxes, crystals, and supporting other small women owned businesses.

  • I get so fired up when helping women see they’re made for more. I’m a truth teller, fire starter and woman on a mission to help other women shine brighter.

  • I am no smarter, more driven or special than you - I believe you (yes, the YOU reading this) can do it. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe that.

Enough about me. I can’t wait to get to know you - quirks and all. Let’s chat!

Why Mom Strong?

Let go of the shame, guilt, shoulda / woulda / coulda mommy guilt.

What Mom Strong means to me is resiliency. It’s doing your best with what you have right now - knowing it’ll get better. Some days it looks like powering through the day on zero sleep, some days it looks like chicken nuggets for dinner, some days you slay and feel like the Queen you always are. Mom Strong means loving yourself now and craving to become the woman you know you want to be.

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