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Helping working moms unf$&k their mindset,

ditch BS diets to lose weight & OWN their health!

  • Are you looking to lose 10+ lbs but don’t want to learn another freaking diet program?

  • Do you wonder how “she does it all” when you see a mom who is fit and seemingly happy while you’re over here riding the hot mess express?

  • Are you so sick and tired of American diet culture making you feel like shit, guilty, shamed?

  • Do you crave structure, guidance and someone to help you focus and hold you accountable while you get to your goal?

  • Are you wondering where to even START because all of the diet info is confusing and conflicting?

  • How many gym memberships, new journals, classes, nutrition plans more have you signed up, sunk money in to only to quit going when you get off routine?

I refuse to let women dull their shine, let their WEIGHT stand in their way and settle for less. For many of us it started with being so emotionally bruised and broken from trying every method under the sun to succeed, wanting more from life but feeling insecure about our dreams and feeling like we’ve tried it all. We started to doubt ourselves. We started to doubt our worth and value in this world.

Lose 10lbs in 5 days

Get flat abs FAST

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I mean, COME ON… Women’s magazines, the American quick fix mentality and trying to numb out how we truly feel are making working moms feel a little crazy. The insanity stops here.

Three years ago I successfully lost 60lbs without deprivation (I mean, I work for a craft brewery!) or hours in the gym. Three years later I’ve kept it off and am helping guide other working moms to do the same. I am here to help you unf$%k your mindset, LOVE your body and OWN your health, once and for all.

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The 90 Day Craft Your Life Method

Three months of structure and support for working moms

I know what it’s like to be a busy working mom

and put yourself and your health and fitness last.

Three years ago, a few days before my son turned two, I heard myself saying “When I lose the baby weight…” and the little voice in my head said “Bullshit”. Enough was enough, it wasn’t baby weight it was beer, McDonald’s and putting “life” before my health. I felt taking care of my health was a luxury and something I didn’t have time to do.

Then I ditched the American diet BS and began eating in a way that felt good. I started to move my body (lifting weights is my jam) in a way that felt good. I began to unf%&k my mindset by reading, listening to podcasts and ditching toxic relationships that were dragging me and my life down.

In eight months I lost 60lbs while enjoying life (I work full time for a craft brewery!), listening to my body again and keeping my mental health strong.

Who this is for,,,

Working moms: You have kids, a spouse, a full time job. You do not have time to learn a new diet, workout for hours a day or add more to your already packed schedule. A one size fits all program will no longer do - you’re ready to know exactly what to do on a daily basis to be successful and need someone to hold you accountable to doing it.

Working moms who feel their inner badass is hibernating: Oh, she’s in there - and you feel her. You just buried her for a little bit while life took its course You aren’t a broken bird, you’re strong. You hold it together in so many ways. You know your life is meant to be great but you’re drowning with all of the demands. She’s in there, your inner badass, and you can’t wait to let her roam free so you can life that epic life you dream of.

If this is you…


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